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​At Bracken Ridge State School, we are focussed on educating the whole child, as part of our vision of, “Learning together, learning for life”.  It’s a vision of teamwork, achievement and life-long learning. Our compassionate, caring and dedicated staff ensure that every child feels welcome and supported while  in their “learning zone”. Our focus on developing student success and wellbeing is evident through our achievement of 100% agreement that, “My child is getting a good education at this school” in recent parent survey results.

 In 2019, we will continue to relentlessly focus on improving student achievement in the areas of Reading and Problem Solving. In addition, our teachers are committed to ensuring that all students are aware of the ‘success criteria’ of assessment tasks - what they need to do, know and understand to demonstrate their learning. We know that the key to students’ learning success at our school is acknowledging that our students need to be ready and well positioned socially and emotionally to learn. For this reason, our focus is also on developing our students’ understanding of how their brain works as a resource for learning and the role of mindfulness in centring themselves, so we can move into supporting our students to develop a “growth mindset”.

Bracken Ridge State School has employed a specialist Arts teacher to teach our students Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Media. This complements our already strong Music program and twilight concerts. Our students also now have access to a range of extra-curricular activities during lunch times, including coding, hip hop dance, street art, and supported play options. Our Year 4-6 students have weekly access to intra and inter-sports program, and all students from Prep to Year 6 attend in-school swimming and Physical Education lessons. 

We are constantly striving to embrace new and innovative practices within our curriculum with high expectations of all students.  Our academic programs are of a very high quality and our enthusiastic and experienced staff are committed to the development of the potential in every child. Our school recognises the diverse backgrounds of our students and supports individual needs through our extensive intervention programs, Special Education program and individualized approaches to student learning.

Making all of this happen, is a team of high performing teachers and teacher aides, who are passionate about ensuring that we provide high quality learning to all students.

We welcome you into our school community and invite you to take a school tour or book a time for an enrolment interview – 3869 7888.

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Last reviewed 23 June 2021
Last updated 23 June 2021